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Potpourri  - (noun) an unusual or interesting mixture of things.

(Cambridge Dictionary Online)

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Cokes and Popcorn

Potpourri  - (noun) an unusual or interesting mixture of things.

(Cambridge Dictionary Online)




Charlotte Billboard


Mural at Time Warner Cable Arena


"Hello Everybody, this is Billy Powell..."

Greenville, Spartanburg, and Asheville area fans will fondly remember Billy Powell.

Who ARE those Guys?

Speculating in 1999 on the Mystery Wrestlers on the Mid-Atlantic Wrestling Open

Newspaper Ads for WFBC TV

A collection of newspaper ads for the Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling TV program that aired on WFBC Channel 4 in Greenville, SC


I Do It With Flair

Ric Flair's first commercial t-shirt. It wasn't available long, and we haven't seen one since!

Growin' Up

A montage from a 1976 TV guide which documents the traditional times Mid-Atlantic and Wide World Wrestling aired on my cable system. This is likely of no particular interest to anyone but me!

Wrestling References on BT Memories

Reno Bailey is webmaster of a wonderful nostalgia website about WBT radio and WBTV television in Charlotte NC. Their copyright line says the site is a "project by and for former employees of WBT/WBTV" in Charlotte, but it contains some wonderful memories for all of us.

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Franco's of Richmond

Ric Flair frequently mentioned Richmond's finest clothier in promos in the 1970s and 1980s.

National Hat Shop (Charlotte)

For about as long as the Crockett family promoted wrestling in Charlotte, advance tickets were sold at the National Hat Shop. Gary Silverstein tells us a little about his Dad's store that was a Charlotte institution for over 50 years.

Ric Flair on Bruce Springsteen

I'm not sure who was hotter in 1985, Ric or Bruce. But I loved them both, so it was cool to see Ric invoke the Boss's name on TBS! - D. Bourne

Charlotte History Mural at Time Warner Arena in Charlotte NC

Mid-Atlantic Wrestling, Flair for Governor, Billy Graham, Bojangles, the Charlotte Checkers, and tons of other good memories from Charlotte's past. I want this Charlotte back.


Words we'd like to hold onto...


1980s Wrestling - Territorial Map