Robert Riddick Photography

Jim Crockett Promotions 1984-1988 / WCW 1989-1990

Photographs by Robert Riddick Jr.


Various Action Shots

Spotlight: Flair vs. Sting

Spotlight: Tag Team War Ric & Arn vs. Dusty & Nikita

City Spotlight: Washington D.C. September 1988

Spotlight: Flair vs. Murdoch

Magnum T.A. and Don Kernodle vs. The Russians!

Clash of Champions VII

Ole Anderson vs. Arn Anderson

Spotlight: Greensboro Cage War! Horsemen vs. Super Powers - Sept. 1987

All Photographs Copyright Robert Riddick Jr.  Used with permission. All rights reserved.


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World Six Man Tag Team champs The Road Warriors and Dusty Rhodes, one of my favorite photographs by Norfolk-area photographer Robert Riddick, Jr.

Rob was a ringside photographer from 1984 until 1990. He shot for Starlog Groups series of wrestling magazines which included Wrestling Scene, Wrestling All Stars, Superstar Wrestlers (one of Rob's cover shots seen at left), TV Wrestlers, and Ringside Wrestling among them. He also worked for Wrestling's Main Event magazine for a few years as well.

A longtime wrestling fan, Rob began attending matches and taking pictures as a 10-year old kid every Thursday night at the Norfolk Scope. At the age 16, he introduced himself to George Napolitano and asked about going to work for him as a photographer. Napolitano sampled his work and then introduced him to local promoters Carl and Elliot Murnick where he was given ringside access, and an exciting young career as a magazine photographer began. Soon he was travelling to Greensboro and Baltimore, and writing articles for the magazines as well.

Rob has been kind enough to allow us to present some of his work here on the Mid-Atlantic Gateway. The gallery will feature photos from Jim Crockett Promotions 1984-1988 and Ted Turner's WCW in 1989. 


Our heartfelt condolences to the family and friends of our good friend Rob Riddick who passed away Sunday morning 12/22 at the age of 48.

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All Photographs Copyright Robert Riddick Jr. Used by permission. All rights reserved.

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