Various Wrestler Reunions

Where Two or More are Gathered in the Name of Tradition and Friendship




The one and only Tony Schiavone with friend-of-the-Gateway Brian Rogers at a recent Georgia Bulldogs basketball game. Schiavone is one of the broadcast voices for UGA basketball.

Legends at the 2013 Ivan Koloff Tag Team Tournament: Rich Landrum, Dr. Tom Prichard, George South, Jim Duggan, Masked Superstar Bill Eadie, and the "Russian Bear" Ivan Koloff.  (MORE)


The Warlord, the Barbarian, George South, Ivan Koloff, and Nikita Koloff


Rich Landrum and Bob Caudle February 2009


The Old Pros by Teri Saylor
Rich Landrum and Bob Caudle are the legendary voices of World Wide Wrestling and Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling. With the cool professionalism notable in broadcasters, and tongues firmly implanted in cheeks, this team infused a certain gravitas into professional wrestling, immediately creating an oxymoron for a sport that thrives on humor, exaggeration, schtick, and a heavy dose of fun. Back in the day, Bob and Rich were accepted into the boys’ fight club, becoming a part of the lives of the wrestlers even as they avoided the lifestyles. Their love of the sport is evident in their voices. On the rare nights now, when Bob and Rich take the stage together, audiences witness a segment of pop culture so retro that it takes the adults all the way back to their own childhoods when they were as thrilled as kids are today by the Wide, Wild World of Championship Wrestling, the way it is supposed to be done.

By Teri Saylor from Saturday Night at the Fights on Miss Congeniality


Ric Flair and Hulk Hogan at the show in Charlotte  Dec. 2008

Photo by Matt Roberts

Night of the Dragon: Return of the Hawaiian Punch

August 9, 2008  •  Charlotte NC

featuring Ricky Steamboat, Jim Nelson, and George South

Richie Steamboat, Jim Nelson, and Ricky Steamboat in Charlotte

Ricky Steamboat and George South at the Steamboat show in Charlotte


NWA Legends Fanfest Welcoming Ceremony

August 15, 2008  •  Charlotte NC

featuring Ric Flair and Bob Caudle


Paul Jones and Ole Anderson visit in Atlanta, April 2008


Jim Nelson, Les Thatcher, and Bill White

Gulf Coast Wrestler's Reunion - March 2008



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