Mid-Atlantic Wrestling Legends Fanfest - November 2004


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Left to right: Ricky Steamboat, George South, and Paul Jones; Masked Superstar (Bill Eadie) & Greg Goode; Michael Hamilton, Greg Valentine, and Michael Horton (Great shirts, guys!); Bob Caudle & Jerry Brisco; Dick Bourne, Sir Oliver Humperdink, and David Chappell; Sir Oliver Humperdink & Ivan Koloff; Bob Caudle & Dusty Rhodes; Rip Hawk & Paul Jones; Mark Nulty, Greg Goode, and Dick Bourne; Tonya & Kyle Rosser; Bob Caudle, Ole Anderson, and Arn Anderson; Paul Jones, Jr., George South, and Paul Jones; Jimmy Valiant, Gary Hart, Peggy Lathan, and Sir Oliver Humperdink; Peggy Lathan & Sonny Fargo; Jerry Brisco & David Crockett; David Crockett & Harley Race; Masked Superstar (Bill Eadie), Sir Oliver Humperdink, Gary Hart, and The Assassin (Joe Hamilton); David Chappell, Bob Caudle, and Dick Bourne; David Chappell & Rip Hawk; David Crockett, Harley Race, Bob Caudle, Jerry Brisco, Dusty Rhodes, Jimmy Garvin, Mike Graham, Sir Oliver Humperdink; Mike Cline & Bob Caudle; Janey Cheslock & George South; Eddie Cheslock & Bonnie Steamboat; Don Kernodle, Jimmy Garvin, and Rocky Kernodle; Clay Sweet, Peggy Lathan, Tully Blanchard, Jean Holland; Bob Caudle & JJ Dillon; Bob Caudle with Robert Gibson and Ricky Morton; Harley Race and Josh Watko; Ricky Steamboat and Shannon Steward; Peggy Lathan and Ric McCord; The Italian Stallion; Eddie Cheslock and George South; Jack Brisco, Brian Rogers, and Jerry Brisco.

Thanks to the following for use of their photographs: Dick Bourne, David Chappell, Greg Goode, Michael Horton, Sir Oliver Humperdink, Steve Johnson, Josh Watco, Shannon Steward, Brian Rogers, and Peggy Lathan.