The Mid-Atlantic Years 1973-1986

  by David Chappell




David Chappell shares his memories of his Top 15 Cards Ever in Richmond. Join him along the ride as he counts down from number 15 for some of the most exciting thrill packed nights of wrestling action the Mid-Atlantic area ever saw!

Graphics and Vintage Audio Mastering by Dick Bourne

Newspaper Clippings from the collection of Mark Eastridge



Friday, July 29, 1977

Ric Flair promises to STREAK the Richmond Coliseum if he doesn't win the U.S. title from Bobo Brazil!

Plus Wahoo McDaniel battles Greg Valentine, and Blackjack Mulligan takes on old nemesis Paul Jones!


Tuesday, December 26, 1978

The young team of Paul Orndorf and Jimmy Snuka make an improbable run at the world tag team titles, plus former tag partners face each other after an act of betrayal! And what gives? Wrestling in Richmond - - on a Tuesday??


Friday, August 1, 1975

The legendary Andersons vs. Wahoo McDaniel & Paul Jones feud continues - - - into the wee hours of the morning! Plus Johnny Valentine, Ric Flair, Ken Patera, Tony Atlas and many more!


Friday, July 6, 1979

The fan's ultimate dream team becomes a reality.


Saturday, November 1, 1980

Richmond hosts a huge tournament for the vacant NWA TV title, and a battle for the Mid-Atlantic Championship made this card very special!


Friday, July 30, 1976

There may not have been a wilder summer in Mid-Atlantic Wrestling than 1976. This card is one of the best examples of the amazing action Richmond saw that year. Wahoo vs. Flair! Mulligan vs. Rufus!


Friday, July 14, 1978

It came as result of one of Mid-Atlantic Wrestling's most famous angles: the "Hat and Robe". And Richmond would explode on this hot July night.

Mulligan vs. Flair. That says it all.


Monday, December 27, 1976

A special holiday spectacular on an unusual Monday night card in Richmond. 1976's great feuds top this card. Wahoo McDaniel vs. Ric Flair, Blackjack Mulligan vs. Paul Jones, plus Greg Valentine, Tiger Conway and others.


December 13, 1974 (Friday the 13th!)

Three of Richmondís greatest wrestling rivalries of 1974 ended on this frigid December night. Featuring Rip Hawk, Swede Hanson, Wahoo McDaniel, The Super Destroyer, Ivan Koloff, Paul Jones, and others.



Saturday, April 30, 1983

The first of the '"Supercards" in Richmond.

Multi-stipulation NWA Tag Team title match!

Slaughter & Kernodle, Steamboat & Youngblood, Piper, Valentine, Briscos. (includes audio clips.)


Friday, February 18, 1977

NWA Title defense between Harley Race & Wahoo McDaniel, US Title defense between Paul Jones and Blackjack Mulligan, plus George Scott, The Hollywood Blondes, Kim Duk, Tiger Conway


Friday, May 1, 1981

Superstar, Jones, Anderson Brothers, Dusty Rhodes, Ivan Koloff, Sweet Ebony Diamond, Valentine, Flair

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Friday, September 14, 1979

Brunzell, Patera, Snuka, Steamboat, Flair, Studd, Mid-Atlantic Title Change

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Friday, May 21, 1982

McDaniel, Slaughter, Brisco, Piper, Muraco, Kahn, Mosca, Jones, US Title Change

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Sunday, December 30, 1979

Flair, Snuka, Woods, Valentine, Brunzell, Stevens

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The Best of the Rest: 16-25

Check out the great cards that didn't quite crack the Top 15.