Chappell: Before we finish up Dick, please give all of your Mid-Atlantic fans a little more info about your upcoming book.


Slater: We’re taking our time on it David, and I don’t want to put stuff in it that makes it just a blast at others, you understand what I’m saying? This is going to be something good.


Chappell: As I understand it, the book will certainly be wrestling related…but not exclusively about wrestling.


Slater: No, not exclusively. It will be about everything. It’s a biography, but it’s going to have a little bit of everything in it. It’s going to be very entertaining!


Chappell: Of that, I have NO doubt!


The title of the book again?


Slater: ‘A Thousand Lives.’


Chappell: I think that sums it up well! Please keep the Gateway apprised of how the book is going. We’ll do everything we can to get the word out to the Mid-Atlantic community out there.


Slater: I’ve been working on it now for about four months. I’ve heard about people doing books recently, and just throwing them out so fast…


Chappell: It sure seems that way. Some of these guys are putting out books that have only been in the business four or five years…


Slater: I mean, I’m putting something out that’s totally different from anything like that. I’m throwing stuff out that’s not even close to that. I have a little more to write about than that!


Chappell: After this interview, I have no doubt about that! I’m just thrilled you’re doing a book, and it’s obvious that you’re putting a lot of time and effort into it.


Please keep me up to date on the book’s progress!


Slater: It’s over 300 pages…and growing!


David, you’ll be one of the first ones I’ll get the word to when it’s just about ready.


Chappell: Thank you….


Slater: There’s so much to talk about in the book…I just don’t want to throw something out, just to throw it out…you know? There’s so much that I’ve done and I’ve gone through, good and bad. It’s like Flair telling you about being in the airplane crash…breaking his back and Johnny Valentine getting hurt bad. I mean, that’s one bad thing in his life. I had some good things happen, and then I’ve been in some situations like he’s been in…many times. Whether it be planes, cars, boats…all kinds of different things.


And not only that, it’s a lot of funny things. I’ve got a lot of funny things about some of the characters…that are characters in this business…


Chappell: (laughs) Oh yeah!


Slater: I mean REAL characters…real live character stories!




Chappell: You’ve got SO much good stuff, your problem might be limiting it to several volumes!


Slater: (laughs)  I’ve got so many of them, I just have to make sure I get the greatest ones in the book!


Chappell: There you go! I don’t think the word is generally out among wrestling fans that this book is coming, so the Gateway is glad to start getting the word out.


Slater: I really haven’t done much [publicity]. I was going to wait until almost the very end to start doing that. I’m probably over half done now, though.


There’s a few people that know about it. And they talk about all these other books that have come out recently. This will be completely different…it will make the others look like rookies!


Chappell: (laughs) I know I can’t wait for it to come out…it’s gonna be something!


Hey Dick, I can’t tell you how much I’ve enjoyed this. And how much I appreciate your giving the Gateway so much of your time.


Slater: You know I’m available any time you want to talk.


Chappell: Would you like to give a shout out to all of your fans in the Mid-Atlantic area?


Slater: I sure will do that! Give me a couple of seconds…


Chappell: Let ‘er rip!


Dick Slater's Greeting to Mid-Atlantic Fans


Slater: I know all you guys in the North, South Carolina and Virginia area know whose speaking on this telephone right here now! He’s speaking to whoever is listening here…because I know that everybody is listening knows what the name Dick Slater is!


And I know everybody is thinking, ‘What is Dick Slater doin’ nowadays?’ And I know Dick Slater is doin’ whatever HE WANTS TO DO NOWADAYS!


And I know Dick Slater’s got BIG PLANS for all you little people out there…that want to know what Dick Slater’s got planned for you! Well, Dick Slater’s got planned for you exactly what Dick Slater’s got planned for me! I ain’t gonna tell you what I got planned for you, because you’ll never know! Because you never know what Dick Slater’s gonna do in the first place…so how you gonna know what Dick Slater is gonna do NOW?!


Chappell: (laughing) ‘Mr. Unpredictable’ at his finest!


Slater: (laughing) I’m all conked out now…I can’t think anymore!


Chappell: (laughs) That was great! It definitely brought back flashes of ‘Mr. Unpredictable!’


Slater: I’m gone…I want to drink a gallon of water!


Chappell: (laughing) That brought back a lot of great memories!


Thanks again, Dick. I really appreciate everything.


Slater: Alright, buddy…thank you. If you ever need anything, let me know.