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The Super Destroyer

Interview with the Super Destroyer

The Super Destroyer applies the claw to Johnny Weaver (Photo Feature)

Bill Janosik Photo Archive #4: The Super Destroyer


The Super Destroyer challanges for Jack Brisco's NWA Title

Classic Look Back

NWA World Heavyweight Championship Match

Jack Brisco vs. The Super Destroyer

Richmond Coliseum, September 6, 1974

(photographs by Bill Janosik)


The Super Destroyer-

A Cut Above the Rest

by David Chappell


Searching my memory, I can recall watching professional wrestling put on by Jim Crockett Promotions as early as the late 1960’s. That time frame put me around the ripe old age of eight or so, a pretty young lad to say the least. But even at that early age, there was something about professional wrestling that caught my attention. I remember All-Star Wrestling, as it was called then, always came on at 5:00 on Saturday afternoon’s on Channel 6 in my hometown of Richmond, Virginia. I would watch with a degree of interest in that time period from the late 1960’s into the early 1970’s, but pro wrestling was not a passion for me during those years. It was more a curiosity. But that was about to change.

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I Remember  the Super Destroyer

by Don Holbrook

Special for the Gateway


During the mid-1970s, Jim Crockett Promotions hired a man named Don Jardine. Some people may not recognize him by that name because he was better known as the masked wrestler The Super Destroyer.


Upon his arrival in the Mid-Atlantic area, Jardine had already had great success in other areas as The Spoiler. Jardine brought something unique to Crockett Promotions. A big man by the standards of that era. . . .


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