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The United States Wrestling Club

A look back at the short lived fan club run by Jim Crockett Promotions in 1981-1982.

"The Tournament"

A look back at November 1975 and two huge events that took place at the Greensboro Coliseum.

NOTE: Updated in 2010 on the 35th Anniversary.

Ric Flair wins his first Championship

Who in that Greensboro Coliseum crowd knew that when veteran Rip Hawk and his "nephew" Ric Flair win the Mid-Atlantic Tag Team Championship that it would the first in a string of title belts that would later include reigns as NWA, WCW, and WWF champion, and NWA World Tag champions. Yes, Flair was just getting started on that Fourth of July in 1974, and those on hand that night were fortunate to see a historic night of action, even if they didn't know it at the time.

Ole Anderson is Stabbed in Greenville, SC

May 1976. Ole Anderson is leaving the ring after a match in Greenville, SC when an angry fan stabs him at ringside. Pandemonium breaks out in the Greenville Memorial Auditorium. The page includes the newspaper promo ad from that night's card, the Greenville News press reports in the days following, and an eye witness account from one of our contributors who helped Ole to the backstage area that night. Plus, amazing audio clips featuring Ole Andersons comments on the stabbing on Mid-Atlantic TV.

Johnny Valentine

The 1975 Wilmington Plane Crash  

October 1975. A chartered plane on route from Charlotte to Wilmington, NC, crashes short of the runway. Inside are top stars of the Charlotte-based Jim Crockett Promotions. Some will never wrestle again. The pilot will die. The page includes original press reports and other information from a wealth of sources.

Blackjack Mulligan

Blackjack Mulligan Wins His First United States Championship

A look back to the Greensboro Coliseum on March 13, 1976, as Blackjack Mulligan won his first of five US Championships. The page features the event poster, the newspaper promo ad, newspaper report, and video footage of the title change.