"A fabulous book!"   - James. J. Dillon

"To anyone who cares about the NWA, its history, and, of course, the famous "Ten Pounds of Gold,"

this book really is a necessity."    - Tim Hornbaker, LegacyOfWrestling.com

"...a love letter to championship belts, ones that have deep meaning and stand for something."

- Greg Oliver, Slam! Wrestling  (slam.canoe.ca)

"From cover to cover, the book is amazing. Any old school wrestling fan out there should order this book today."

- Mark James, MemphisWrestlingHistory.com

"The only thing that could be better would be to hold the actual belt. This book is that good."  - Eric King, Rural Retreat, VA

"The book, beautifully illustrated and drenched in history, is worth its weight in gold."

- Mike Mooneyham, Charleston Post & Courier

"Now we go to school: Ten Pounds of Gold has everything you always wanted to know about the NWA belt

...but were too much of a mark to ask."     -Scott Bowden, Kentucky Fried Rasslin'


Former 8-Time NWA World Champion Harley Race at his desk at World League Wrestling with his copy of the book "Ten Pounds of Gold".

Race was the first man to wear the famous "domed globe" version of the NWA title in 1973.

"It's page 14, and I'm already deeply sucked into Ten Pounds of Gold, the wonderful historical book about the NWA World Championship title worn by the likes of Jack Brisco, Harley Race, Terry Funk and Ric Flair. Quite honestly, not being a belt mark, I didn't think a belt would hold my attention for an entire volume ... but it did, and then some.

In many ways, Ten Pounds of Gold, written by Dick Bourne with beltmaker Dave Millican, is a love letter to championship belts, ones that have deep meaning and stand for something. The belt doesn't spin or light up, but instead it represents greatness and the pinnacle on the professional wrestling profession..."

One of the special characteristics of the original Ten Pounds of Gold book published in 2009 was the exquisite full color detailed photographs of the belt on glossy photo stock. However, the result was a 10 x 8" hard cover  book that was relatively expensive.

I am happy to announce a softcover Revised & Expanded Second Edition of the book has been released! The good news is this version is much less expensive. The new 2012 book is a more traditional size 6x9" soft cover with standard paper, and will be available in both COLOR as well as a specially priced  BLACK & WHITE edition. This specially priced edition is identical in content to the color edition except all photographs on the interior are in black and white.

This new 2012 Revised & Expanded Second Edition contains 70 additional pages of photographs and memorabilia, plus a new title history with behind the scenes details, and an expanded chapter on the night the belt was first presented and defended. 




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"...one of my favorite wrestling books..."

- Tim Hornbaker, LegacyOfWrestling.com

"...a Funkin' amazing read, with more rare detailed photos than ever of the men who wore the NWA World title belt..."

- Scott Bowden, KentuckyFriedWrestling.com




SOFTCOVER    2012      6x9"     152 pages 







Image Wrap Cover

Deluxe Hardcover 1ST EDITION

Still Available




Ten Pounds of Gold Framed Print
-- SOLD OUT --

A beautiful framed print of the actual Ten Pounds of Gold belt, taken from the photo shoot of the actual NWA belt worn by Race, Funk, Rhodes, Flair and others!


A Note Regarding the Contributions of Libnan Ayoub

In the early printings of the second edition of the Ten Pounds of Gold book, I failed to acknowledge the contributions of Libnan Ayoub to the title history portion of the book, a careless and thoughtless error I deeply regret. Libnan, a respected wrestling historian in Australia, provided information to me via email regarding the controversial short-term title changes between Ric Flair and Harley Race in New Zealand and Singapore in 1984. I included some of this information in several paragraphs on pages 127-128 in the book. (The information relates to the dates and circumstances under which the title was returned to Ric Flair in Singapore.)

The failure to mention Libnan in my acknowledgements was mine alone and not the fault of any editor or other contributor to the book. I offer my apology to him and thank him here publicly for the information he provided. Current printings of the book include a proper acknowledgement.

I go out of my way to credit those who contribute to these projects, be it here on the Mid-Atlantic Gateway or in published printed material. I regret not having done so in this case.      - Dick Bourne





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