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Perfect Storm:

The Legend of the Hat & Robe

 by Dick Bourne 


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Great jukebox audio of some of Blackjack's best interviews on TV!


I was always fascinated by the characters that kept showing up in Blackjack's interviews and event promos on television in the 1970s and 1980s. Uncle Reba Joe, Spider Grip, Sara Jo Puckett...I loved keeping up with these folks over the years via the fertile imagination of Blackjack Mulligan.  In his interview with David Chappell on the Gateway a few years back, Blackjack told us that most of those characters were actually based on real people back in west Texas that he had either known of or knew himself.

I asked Blackjack to share some details on those folks. The Gateway wanted the dirt on these real Texas outlaws. He gladly obliged and began sending me these great little stories via e-mail, which I now present here in what I proudly call the Eagle Pass Biographies.

Truth? Lies? Or just Alibis?  Only Jack Mulligan knows for sure! Read the Eagle Pass Biographies now!


- Dick Bourne

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